A little housekeeping

I’ve been meaning to get around to adding a few links at the end of my posts.  The problem is, I tend to log out once I’ve finished writing and never remember to add them! (I’m luck if I remember what I had for breakfast.  Here goes:

If you’re looking for a terrific independent bookstore that takes its’ commitment to the cultural life of the community seriously check out Canio’s Books in Sag Harbor – www.caniosbooks.com

If you’re looking for a retreat team focusing on young adult ministry who never take themselves too seriously and thus offer a spiritually enriching and joyful experience for their retreatents check out ABC Ministries: www.ABC-Ministries.com

If your looking for some serious but quite readable instruction on the basics of Spirituality in the Catholic Christian tradition, I strongly recommend Gary Jansen’s new book, Exercising Your Soul published by Faith Works.

Given the date of this post, especially because I am a New Yorker, it just wouldn’t seem right to end without calling to mind the solemnity of this ninth anniversary of 9/11.  Please join with me in taking a moment if you haven’t already done so to call to mind those who perished that day and their families.  Let us also hold in our hearts those who have been killed or injured on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, the wounded and dead civilians in those lands as well as those who have had their lives shattered forever.  Finally, in full solidarity and union with the risen Christ, let us pray for our enemies – both for a conversion of their hearts and a conversion of our own as a nation for attitudes and actions which have  intentionally or unintentionally contributed to the plague of terrorism in our world today.


Jim Philipps (3rd millennium pilgrim)

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