Scripture reflections – Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Ex 17:8-13; 2TM 3:14 – 4:2; Lk 18:1-8
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“All Scripture is inspired by God.” These words from the second letter to Timothy offer us an opportunity to reflect upon the miracle that is the Scriptures. What do we mean when we say that Scripture is “inspired” by God? All Christians recognize that the process which brought the Scriptures into being is a unique intervention by the Holy Spirit who guided the sacred writers and the communities to which they belonged so that the finished product offers us a tangible connection with the divine. Although the Scriptures contain some fine literary works and remembrances of significant events and charistmatic individuals, they are much more than simply the literature of a particular people.

The Scriptures are a vehicle through which we can encounter God. More specifically, as Christians we think of the Scriptures – both Old and New Testaments – as the living Word of God. When we read the Scriptures prayerfully and thoughtfully in our private reading, in a Bible study group, or when we listen attentively at Mass, we do more than learn about our Faith. We encounter the risen Christ! The Vatican II Council made this point quite clearly. According to the document Sacrosanctum Concilium, the risen Christ becomes present to us during the Celebration of the Eucharist (a.k.a. “The Mass”) in four distinct ways: by the action of the community assembling together, through the proclamation of the Scriptures, through the words and actions of the presider and in the consecrated bbread and wine which have become the body and blood of Christ.

This week, sit quietly with the Sunday readings for awhile. Pray to the Spirit to open your heart and mind more fully to the sacred Word. Remember that as you receive the words of Scripture you are in reality receiving Jesus.

Jim Philipps (3rd millennium pilgrim)

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