There’s been a great deal said about the fundamental nature of marriage leading up to the vote on gay marriage in New York State.  I’d like to throw in my two cents.

   The sacrament of Holy Matrimony is unique from all of the other seven sacraments of the Catholic Church because the ordinary ministers – those who are God’s instrument in conferring the sacrament upon one another – are the two people who are about to pledge to love, honor and cherish one another until death. They will proclaim their willingness to enter into this bold adventure of the heart, mind and spirit before God and before the community.  In doing so, if their hearts are truly open, they  are being profoundly transformed just as the bread and wine is profoundly transformed in the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.  The two become one.  In a very physical, personal way they offer us a living experience of Covenant.

When you are blessed to have your path cross that of two people who have come together into this experience of unconditional love and who have, through a combination of Grace and their own sincere efforts, surrendered to it, reverence them.  Honor them.  Listen to them. (I would suggest you kneel down before them and kiss their feet but they will be too humble to allow such a thing.) Such a sacred love can only be grounded in God.

If you find yourself blessed to be a part of such a union, look deeply in to your beloved’s eyes today with all the gratitude and love you can muster.  And then take a moment to thank God for such a wondrous blessing.

Jim Philipps (3rd millennium pilgrim)


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