Reiki, anyone?

I have to confess up front that my understanding and experience of Reiki is all second hand.  My wife is a practioner.   Over the years, however, I’ve noticed a number of people who have either been hurt by instiutional religion or seem unable to find any means of entry into the Church despite some real searching who have found  peace and balance through Reiki.  Others who have a more recognizable connection to the Church seem to find a way to integrate Reiki into more traditional Catholic practices. 

The Vatican II Council made what I have always felt is a seismic shift in how Roman Catholics view Church when it proclaimed that the “Mystical Body of Christ” – all those who are united with Christ – “subsists” in the Roman Catholic Church. 

Doesn’t seem very radical, I know, but you must keep in mind that in former times “subsists” was replaced with “is”.  In other words, prior to the Council it was impossible for many Catholics to envision any road to salvation that lay outside of the visible boundaries of the Church.  Not so anymore. 

How large is the Mystical Body in its’ entirety? I haven’t a clue.  Yet as I read the gospels again and again it seems to me Jesus uses any and every possible means of building relationships with those he meets and he never seems particularly concerned with their credentials. (See John 4, for example.)

If you’re curious about Reiki, here are the details:

“We are pleased to announce an upcoming Reiki I Usui Method Workshop with Reiki Master, Nancy Pluta on Friday,March 18, 2011 @ 7:00pm-9:00pm, Sunday, March 2o, 2011 @ 9:15-5:00pm
Cost for Workshop is $150.00 with $75.00 deposit upon registration.
Please call Nancy Pluto @ (718)631-0648 to register or for more information.
Location: 898 Oyster Bay Road, East Norwich

This is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. It is a wonderful opportunity to be trained by a very talented and faith filled Reiki master.”

East Norwich Therapeutic Wellness Center

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