Discovering the Sacred

A sacred moment that really stands out in my mind occured in Madison Square Garden on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday last January.  My son came home from school that Friday and asked if we could see the Knicks play.  So I bought a couple of tickets and off we went.

The Knicks won that day – which, last year, was an event in itself!  The most wonderful moment of the afternoon, however, happened during a break between quarters.  As a way to celebrate the holiday, the surviving members of the Tuskegee airmen were introduced out onto the Garden floor so that we could honor them.

What a beautiful moment.  Here was a handful of elderly African – American men who fought heroically for their country during WWII at a time when they would have been spit upon by many of the people they were defending in civilian life.  Finally, they were receiving the appreciation they deserved.  I could see the looks of genuine gratitude upon their faces.

Having this opportunity to say thank you and in some tiny way atone for the injsutice done to these men and to so many others during those years of legal segregation  would have been sacred enough if I had been there alone.  But to share this moment with my young son so that he could be a part of it too…. well, it still brings tears to my eyes.

Jim Philipps (3rd millennium pilgrim)

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  1. Bertrand Russell~ Man needs for his happiness not only the enjoyment of this or that but hope and enterprise and change.

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