On the Beach

Last night I took a walk along the beach out here at the end of Long Island in the moonlight.  A path seemed to open up across the waves out as far into the depths of the ocean as  I could see – all lit up by the moon’s luminosity.   When I first caught sight of it as I crested the dunes it was breathtaking.

I would have liked to walk upon it and see where it lead.  Instead, I tried to walk upon it within my soul as best I could.   For a few moments at least the path of light amid the intense darkness suggested to me an intimation of truth about Life.  Whatever came before we were born, whatever comes after we die, whatever the immensity of the meaning of Life in its’ totality –  our mortal lives provide a light amid the darkness that really masks the presence of God which allows us to grasp and to experience what we need to grasp and experience.  And perhaps, as ludicrous as it sounds to the rational mind, that is sufficient.

Jim Philipps (3rd millennium pilgrim)

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