Table fellowship

Last Saturday night we threw a surprise 5oth Anniversary party for my parents.  It was a joyful night.  While most of the night I was busy socializing, a couple of times I just sat quietly at my place at the table, taking in the scene.  My parents are in their seventies and a few of the guests were even past eighty.  I wanted to soak in the whole scene because I thought it unlikely I’d ever be in a room with all of these people  present together  again. At least on this side of the Kingdom of heaven.

As I reflected back on the night, I began to wonder if the disciples of Jesus wished they’d had taken some time to step back and appreciate the moment that night of the Last Supper.  Maybe some did – but if you read a bit between the lines as the gospels tell the story it doesn’t seem that any of them (with the exception of Judas, of course) knew that it WAS the last supper.  Jesus was purposely snatched in the dark of night without any warning so as not to allow the possiblity of resistance on the part of any of the pilgrims in Jerusalem  observing the Passover.  In fact, judging by how quickly Peter, James and John fell asleep, it’s at least possible that the wine they drank made it difficult for them to remember much of anything that happened that night!

Maybe that’s how the tradition of remembering the Last Supper began.  Before anyone understood who Jesus really was or what His death meant, there was a longing to remember those last moments spent with the teacher and friend who had changed them forever.

Had any moments worth remembering lately?

Jim Philipps (3rdmillenniumpilgrim)

P.S. If you’d to explore further the ways in which we think the gospels developed from the life of Jesus to the written  books of the New Testament, I recommend my book, “Unlocking the Treasures of the Bible” available through TwentyThirdpublications. (

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