Lesson from a paperweight

Last week, one of my student’s gave me a beautiful little crystal paperweight.  When I looked at it more closely after she left, I noticed what I thought was an imperfection within the clear crystal.  Seeing as it’s the thought that counts, after all, I didn’t think much about it  as I worked my way through stacks of papers on an overcrowded desk.

Today, I found it again, and I took a closer look.  I noticed that the paperweight wasn’t a perfect cube as I had thought. One corner had been cut off, forming a kind of base.  When I rested the paperweight on that corner and took a closer look I noticed that what I thought was the imperfection was in fact a beautifully crafted little underwater seascape!

Often life is like that.  What looks like confusion or disappointment or bad news may simply be a limitation of our perspectives.  When you look at life the right way, you can’t help but see the beauty. Don’t you think?

Jim Philipps (3rd millennium pilgrim)

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