The gift of Google

Lately I’ve been telling my students about “the gift of Google”.  What Google has made indisputably clear is something that has always been true but maybe not always so explicit – answers are overrated.

Do you want to find the elevation of the captial of Tibet? Mickey Mantle’s batting average in 1960? The size of George Washington’s nose on Mt. Rushmore?  All you need is an internet connection and two thumbs!

What REALLY matters are the questions we ask.  And the questions which are the most important are the ones that don’t tend to lend themselves to simple answers.  No where is this more true than in the spiritual life.  “Where is God in all of this?” That’s one I ask a lot.   The sign of a good question is that it inevitably leads you to others.  And learning to live amid the questions – to sense that there are answers just beyond the horizon of your intellectual perception – there’s a path to the sacred there.

What’s your favorite question?

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