Where in the world is Kent, CT?

We went to my nephew’s engagement party this past weekend up in the Berkshires. A great day overall, with one little glitch.  I had to use our GPS gadget in the car. I LOATH  GPS!

Why do I loath the Global Postitioning System? Part of it is immaturity, I guess. I don’t like being told what to do. Especially by someone who refuses to get upset when I don’t listen. (I’ve actually tried this – purposely making wrong turns to see if I could get a rise out of that little voice. No success -so far….) Part of it is habit – I’m so used to planning trips with maps  that I don’t quite trust this small rectangular box sitting (smirking?) next to me.

I’m wondering, though, if there might be some food for thought here.  For one thing, there’s a nice spiritual metaphor  – am I unwilling to turn over control to a higher power who (“that”, in this case) has a clearer grasp of things than I do even with my maps? The truth is, if it weren’t for that GPS at the end of our trip we might still be driving through the Berkshires.

Or….. am I resisting in some small way the rampant dehumanization of our modern world? More and more each day, the tasks that used to require a human mind – and, more importantly,human hearts and souls – are being turned over to computers.  The idea that an unmanned drone can be fired from a remote location and wipeout a village with a minimum of human contact is absolutely chilling to me, even though I understand the rationale.  It becomes even more chilling when I consider that, as exemplified by the mess in the Gulf of Mexico, remote technology doesn’t always work.

So – am I prophetic or just stubborn?

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1 Response to Where in the world is Kent, CT?

  1. Suzanne Richards says:

    Glad to see you have a blog!! You’re so with it…as you know, now that you are blogging, words stay forever on the internet. So choose wisely.

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