Compromise vs. Surrender

 In an article by Thomas Shannon in this week’s America magazine (“True North”) he quotes his daughter Ashley  who poses an interesting question:  “is it possible for the colonial subject to construct an identity that incorporates elemenst of the colonizing culture without being accused of complicity with the colonizer?”

The debate the question sparks in my mind and heart is this – Can I,s a Roman Catholic so conditioned by a hierarchy which has endured essentially in the same form from the time of the Roman Empire, really embrace the call to empower the laity envisioned by the Vatican II Council – and, more to the point, the Holy Spirit? Or have I, despite my best intentions and efforts, been inherently crippled?

Jim Philipps (3rd millennium pilgrim)

P.S. If you want more insight into my thoughts on Church history, I have a book – “Turning Points” – published by Twentythird publications (

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  1. Tony E. says:

    Had to parse Ashley’s comment before I understood how right on your observation was. It’s very difficult to remain affiliated without seeming complicit. Difficult, though not impossible. It appears that the honesty and forthrightness of your comments in a public forum is one solution.

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